Your purpose in life should not be limited to you – Find how two leaders have found inspiration

What the world needs are leaders who can expand their internal being and embrace people and bring them along to collectively achieve their dreams for this world.

Imagine a world with several more Mahatma Gandhis, Martin Luther Kings, George Washingtons, Nelson Mandelas, Albert Einsteins, Isaac Newtons, Malalas, Paul Polmans, Oprah Winfreys and Aung San Suu Kyis.

We would have a planet where leaders create innumerable possibilities — abundance of resources for everyone with no signs of poverty, joy and peace without the debilitating impact of war and conflict.

We need leaders who can stretch beyond their existing paradigms of thinking and not be stopped by limited perspectives.Leaders who can expand their internal being and embrace people and bring them along to collectively achieve their dreams for this world.

Two such young leaders from the Mission Impossible Leaders programme, which looks to nurture unstoppable leaders, shared their stories of embarking on this journey of impossible missions with only their north star guiding them.

Swati Ponnala from Chandigarh

I believed I was doing considerably well and making good progress with my professional and personal life. I had no idea about different programs that could potentially help me further my abilities. I really did not feel any need for attending a leadership program, as I had already attended several as part of my work.  At the end of the Mission Impossible Leaders workshop, however, I felt overwhelmed and joyful. It really helped me discover the deeper layers within myself that I was never aware of. It was encountering the truth about myself in different aspects of life and work. I felt like it was a turning point in my life. I was gifted with a new vision and a new-found courage.

Clarity in so many areas: Valuing relationships!

I finally had clarity in many areas, especially in my personal relationships. One of the biggest lessons I learned was about my attitude towards valuing work relationships more than family relationships. During the workshop, I realised that if I am not responsible towards my family, I cannot be truly responsible at my workplace too. There was a sudden and much-needed change in my perspective and attitude and I recognised all the ignored relationships in my life – especially with my mother and my family members.

Huge impact on my life

To overcome fear arising from the fear of the internal and the external is to achieve more than most can hope for. There is no fear in my heart and I am conscious of what I am creating by being integrated with my heart and mind, by remaining attached to my roots, my country and those in need of my kindness.

The purpose of my life is to unleash the spirit of leadership in youth, through the path of self-transformation and entrepreneurship.

I intend to work with people who are really committed to their vision and have scientific thinking, which allows rural communities to grow with the needs of this dynamic world.

Vikram Kohli from Delhi

The Quest

I have been on a never-ending quest of answering one question ~ “Is purpose really required in life?” And this very question led me to attend the Mission Impossible Leaders programme. 

The first question asked on the first day and within the first-hour was “From all those here, who really wants to identify the purpose of their lives?” I asked the facilitator “Is purpose really required in life? I think purpose keeps changing based on the stage of your life”.

He smiled and replied back “But do you really want one?” I questioned myself “Am I really open to getting one?”

The next 4 days of the program were very tiring: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your purpose in life cannot be limited to yourself. Most of us keep assuming that our priorities in life define our purpose. Do you really think the purpose of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, Mother Teresa, J.R.D Tata, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison and many others like them are limited to themselves? I firmly believe now more than ever that our purpose is our means to feeling connected to this universe. And it will push us every morning to do good for every living being on this earth.

This world is driven by unreasonable people. Your competencies and capabilities will not help you be unreasonable, but your purpose will.

And what is my purpose?

The purpose of my life is to enable people to achieve their true potential, who in-turn enable other people to go beyond their boundaries, thus creating a world of extraordinary people.

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