Being Your Best Self

There is a very popular saying, “Be yourself, but be your best self”. So, what does this ‘best self’ mean? This of course is an individualistic concept. What it means to one person could be different from what it means to you. And that’s perfectly fine. That’s precisely the reason why it is known as ‘best self’! 

When I’m fully immersed and engaged in something and enjoying it”, “When I am in a state of flow with my complete attention to something”, “When I’m living my word”,

are some of the many responses from people who describe what the phrase ‘best self’ means to them. Our best self could also mean being effortless and integrated, focusing on performance and not the outcome, being unstoppable and overcoming any problem with self-awareness, being aware, positive and mindful.

 Our best self comes alive when we are all fired up and hidden gems inside us come forth, even the ones we were unaware of and when we are in integrity and a joyful state. We are our best self when our limiting beliefs don’t interfere with our state of being and we are completely in action and in alignment with our life’s purpose. There’s no fixed definitions which describes what our best self signifies.

Yet, we would all agree that not every time we are able to be our best versions. We wish to be,  but something stops us. How does that make one feel? We often blame ourselves and start comparing the way we perceive ourselves with our ideal ‘best’ version. Our limiting beliefs get triggered and we start feeling a vast range of negative emotions, usually indulging in negative self-talk and belief. We experience low levels of energy, laziness and lethargy and often tend to slip into a cocoon of self-blame and consider ourselves as victims. 

Having said this, what’s something we can change about this? Do you want to develop the ability to shift from this negative energy space to the state of your Being? Of course, it goes without saying that we want to be our best version possible.  

There’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good. The good news is that you have a choice! The bad news is that you have a choice. Odd, isn’t it? It’s bad news because it’s easier for us to get sucked into the enclosure of negativity and self-doubt. But the good news is that you can do something about it.

Read that again – YOU can do something about it! Only you have the power – no one and nothing else. 

Whenever you are not your best self, not in your state of being, or in a space of self-blame, the first step to shift is – BECOME AWARE. Recognise that this is not who you are but just another aspect about you. Know that you are not in the state of your Being and that you have a choice to either play a victim or to pull yourself from this situation. 

In that moment of awareness, DO NOT CREATE MORE STORIES to add to the current baggage of guilt and  frustration. You may either shift to the state of your Being by engaging in activities that you like, say listening to music or going for a walk. You may also just simply allow yourself to be –  be aware of your feelings. Do not engage with them. Remember that analysis is paralysis. These moments are not interruptions but signs of something important that need our refocus. Play with whatever comes along with grace. If you wish to be sad or melancholy, so be. Feel every feeling if you wish to and let them fade away slowly.  And when you feel ready, make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to MOVE to the STATE of YOUR BEING.

“Step out of history that’s holding you back. Step into the new story you’re willing to create.

– Oprah Winfrey 

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