Lead Like Gandhi Programme

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey with your truth. ​

Lead Like Gandhi Product

Lead Like Gandhi Programme

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey with your truth. ​

About the Programme

For executives & managers of organisations

Fashioned around the original Lead Like Gandhi - The Fellowship, this programme is for executives in companies who would like to expand their leadership capabilities by imbibing the values and leadership capabilities of Gandhi and bring forth a better culture in organisations. The workshops are delivered virtually online by highly experienced Programme Leaders, in 4 hour sessions on weekdays and 7 hour sessions on weekends.

Lead Like Gandhi is a transformative, deeply introspective leadership programme, that reflects closely Mahatma Gandhi’s own journey of transforming himself in becoming one of the world’s most extraordinary and powerful leaders of all time, of becoming an icon of peace, dignity and love.

This programme will enable you to uncover the Gandhi within, embark on a journey of experimenting with your truth, inspired by Gandhiji’s life and leadership.

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What do you get out of this programme?


You will learn the nuances of leadership from the world’s most extraordinary leader, Mahatma Gandhi


You will experience the world of Gandhi and be inspired to great heights of leadership, generate your own version of a Gandhian way of being


You will discover your life’s purpose, what you stand for in the world. This is a life changing experience.


You will experience transformation – being the master of your ego, clean up your life, your anger, your past & transform all close relationships


You will acquire a new found sense of freedom, a new sense of integrity that enables you to experience a sense of well-being.


You will discover the magic of connection, the ease of communicating powerfully, the means to inspire others to action, the sense of purpose that enables others to want to follow you.

Programme Design

This is an incredible, immersive journey across a set of 10 + 7 days (4 hours on weekdays, 7 hours on weekends), combining experiential learning that brings alive Gandhiji’s life, philosophy and values through role plays, peer learning and learnings from eminent Gandhians.  Transformational sessions will be conducted that allow each one of you to go within & emerge in your greatness along with contemplative sojourns that provide the space for insights and realisations to emerge.

As transformed leaders, you will go back into your world, and work on yourself, your relationships, your work and take on a project which aligns with Gandhi’s unfinished business.

Virtual Programme

Foundation Workshop

10 days PART TIME ONLINE (typically 5-9 pm weekdays, 2-9pm weekends)

day 1

A New Journey Begins

Creating space for a new journey of transformation to begin and putting down the foundation for the group to flourish

day 2

Discovering Oneself

An internal journey of understanding oneself, cleaning up the past and experiencing one’s true self and practicing deep listening capabilities

day 3

Bringing Your Being Alive

Experiencing the various aspects of your Being and understanding what gives you joy and a sense of well being

day 4

Rising Beyond One's Ego

Getting close to zero ego state and experiencing grace, humility and deep gratitude

day 5

Stepping into Gandhiji's Shoes

An uncovering of one’s values that resonate with Gandhiji’s values such as non-violence, truth & love and using role plays to imbibe them.

day 6

Understanding Relationships and Passions

Shifting one’s perspectives and taking full ownership of one’s relationships & getting clarity on one’s passions

day 7

Brilliance of a Leader

Unravelling the brilliance of Gandhiji by looking deeply at the Dandi March movement, gaining incredible leadership insights into strategy & communication.

day 8

Uncovering One's Purpose

Unravelling the key aspects of one’s purpose & getting to the essence of it

day 9

Generating One's Purpose

A rigorous journey of bringing alive one’s Being’s purpose with the blessings of Gandhiji

day 10

Shaping One's Wheel of Life

 A powerful day of creating your Wheel of Life, and designing a project aligned to Gandhiji’s unfinished business

Advanced Workshop

7 days PART-TIME ONLINE (typically 5-9 pm weekdays, 2-9pm weekends)

day 1

Being Unstoppable

Not being stopped by any internal aspects or external situations and constantly keeping everything moving towards one’s dreams

day 2

Dancing with the Gods

Consciously moving from your personality and ego towards your Being is a dance that needs to be played

day 3

Power of Your Vision

Expanding on your vision and bringing it alive by leveraging everything and everyone you know

day 4

In service like Gandhi

An uplifting day, being in service of inspiring human beings in the local communities and exploring Gandhi as a leader.

day 5

New Level of Partnership

Developing new ways of partnering which enriches everyone and enables you to achieve your vision

day 6

Gandhigiri & Taking a Stand

Seeing the best version in others and making a commitment to Lead like Gandhi

day 7

Powerful and Purposeful You

Understanding the power within, and embarking afresh on Gandhi’s Unfinished business with humility and service, a life well lived

LLG Book

Upcoming Workshops

09 December 2021

Mission Impossible - Foundation Workshop for Senior Leaders (face to face)

December 9 - December 12
Zion Hills, Kolar Bangarpet Road, Hanchala Bangarpet, Post, Kolar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 563114 India

Timing: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM IST



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