Lead Like Gandhi Programme

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey with your truth. ​

Lead Like Gandhi Product

Lead Like Gandhi Programme

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey with your truth. ​

About the Programme

For senior leaders from organisations

Gandhi used the power of his spirit and his incredible leadership to awaken change in the hearts of millions of people ~ an insurmountable feat that inspires and touches us even today.

He operated in a Being centred way, accessing his true inner self, constantly evolving and transforming, making the impossible possible, with complete equanimity.

We have created an incredible and intense journey for you to immerse into Gandhi’s world and uncover the Gandhi within. You will absorb the key tenets of his leadership, founded on the deep realisation that human beings have an intrinsic power within, which when tapped, can unleash greatness

Leadership Inspirators


Paul Polman, Co Founder Imagine and Former CEO of Unilever,

R Mukundan, CEO of TATA Chemicals,

Anu Aga, Former Chairperson and Non Executive Director of Thermax,

R. Gopalakrishnan, Author and Former Director of Tata Sons

Tushar Gandhi, Trustee of Mahatma Gandhi Foundation

What do you get out of this programme?


You will experience the world of Gandhi and be inspired by the stories of his leadership, the embodiment of his values and the way he created change, making you want to adopt it as part of your own leadership.


You will experience the power and magnificence of your Being, having let go of your past, your limiting beliefs and your ego, so that you can see your life from a new lens.


You will discover your life’s purpose, what you stand for in the world. This is a life changing experience.


You will experience transformation – being the master of your ego, clean up your life, your anger, your past & transform all close relationships


You will acquire new leadership capabilities of dancing from your ego to Being, rising above your lenses, shining the light on other’s greatness, handling your core beliefs, all of these and more that will enable you to lead from the inner power of your Being.


You will discover the magic of connection, the ease of communicating powerfully, the means to inspire others to action, the sense of purpose that enables others to want to follow you.

Programme Design

An incredible immersive journey of 6.5 days combining experiential learning through visits that bring alive Gandhi’s life, philosophy and values, role plays, peer learning and tête-à-têtes with Gandhians, transformational sessions that allow each one to go within & emerge in their greatness and contemplative sojourns providing the space for insights and realisations to emerge.

A six month online Unstoppable Me Series. Being on the journey of unstoppability by applying in simple and practical ways all the paradigms learnt so that one can lead powerfully and consciously and make one’s visions and dreams a reality.

The Programme

7 days residential

day 0

Immersing in Gandhi's Journey

The programme will begin with an evening meet to set the tone and intent for the 6 days whilst connecting with each other with Gandhi.


day 1

Discovering Oneself

An internal journey of experiencing one’s Being, cleaning up the past and developing leadership capabilities and listening deeply, enrolling others and living with integrity.

day 2

Gandhigiri: playing for your Being

Experiencing the various aspects of your Being and understanding how to bring it alive in all circumstances.

day 3

Uncovering One's Purpose

A day of clearing up anger and learning to channel it, destroying one’s myths about oneself and then a rigorous journey of uncovering one’s purpose at the Gandhi Ashram.

day 4

Being Centered Leadership

Unravelling the brilliance of operating from the Being through the various ways of Being and capabilities that transfom one’s leadership.

day 5

Rising Beyond One's Ego

Getting close to zero ego state and experiencing humility,  connectedness and equanimity, the Gandhian way. Sharing with others.

day 6

Grace and Greatness of Leadership

As you experience the greatness of your leadership by taking lessons from Gandhi’s Leadership, you will find grace flowing through you. 



Group online sessions

6 online group sessions over 6 months of Unstoppable Me Series. Over the 6 months, there will be 2 hour group coaching sessions every month on Zoom covering a topic in depth so that the Being centred paradigm can be lived everyday.


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