Cancellation Policy

Impossible Transformations permits cancellation made 14 days prior to the booked event. Please send an email out to, subject line stating Cancellation, along with the dates of the event. 

In case there has been a postponement made by the participant of the booking, then there is no further cancellation possible. 

Postponement Policy

In case the participant needs to change the dates of attendance, from one workshop / event to another, they may do so once without any charges. Postponements can only be done 14 days prior to the date of the event, so that it is possible to refill that seat. 

Please send an email out to, subject line stating Postponement Request, along with the dates of the event being postponed, along with the choice of the workshop/event to which the booking is to be postponed to.


Impossible Transformations provides for its direct customers a 100% money-back policy in the event that value has not been received. No questions asked. We provide this as an entitlement, as we wish to be totally accountable for the transformation of the participant, and to ensure 100% satisfaction of value by every participant.

On the last day of the program, provided that the program has been attended in full, in consonance with the signed agreement by the participant, the participant is provided a form in which he or she is to choose a box – Value Received – Yes or No.  In the event that the box marked with a “No” is checked, no other action is needed by the participant. The amount will be refunded back within 14 days, including any time needed to secure the bank account for that transfer.

Contact Us

If you have any questions in case a refund has not been made, please contact us at this ID by email –, and put a subject line : Refund Not Received. 

We will ensure the refund within one week of such email, assuming that the refund is genuine.