Living A Magical Life

Welcome to the 7 day Meditation Series - A powerful, awakening & calming journey

Living a Magical Life

Welcome to the 7 day Meditation Series

About the Meditation Programme

Living a magical life

In our busy, daily lives, we seldom find time for ourselves – our true self. Just as your body needs to relax and rejuvenate, so does your soul, and your Being, in order to truly bring forward your best self, and unleash the power you hold.

Welcome to Living a Magical Life. Join us in this powerful, awakening, calming journey, spanned over 7 days brought to you by Sunil Savara & Manisha Dahad, co-founders of Impossible Transformations. 


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Programme Design & Intention

With 7 carefully and beautifully crafted guided visualisations, you will be taken to a different world and be able to open the doors to your inner world. Each guided meditation has been created for you to access your ‘Being’ and expand it. The intention is for these meditations to bring you into a state of calm, peace, bliss and wonder. These meditations when done regularly will enable you to see your world with a new lens and experience a magical life.


Flow of Abundance

This guided visualization will take you on a path of soaking every cell of your body with the energy of abundance and radiating it further to create a world filled with abundance for others as well.


Being in Awe

How about taking a pause and being in awe of every moment that life offers you…Being in awe of your own existence, being in awe of every element of nature, and being in awe of the beauty of the Beings around you.


Connectedness to All

Explore a new perspective of looking at yourself, where you let the beauty of your Being expand and connect seamlessly to every other entity and species. Open yourself to receiving amazing insights as you bask in the oneness of the Universe.


Seeing the Beauty in Others

Imagine having a lens which only allows you to see the beauty and goodness in others. Instead of finding flaws in them, you can tap into people’s goodness and see them in their brilliant state.


Magical Love

Our childhood memories are filled with superheroes having magical powers. Having such superpowers then seemed beyond the reach of ordinary mortals like us. Little did we realize then, that each one of us possesses a true magical superpower – the power of Love, which can allow us to create magic, uplift and heal anyone that’s touched by it. 


Your Divine Heart

We constantly seek pursuit of being loved, on
many occasions feeling incomplete until our
love is acknowledged or reciprocated. Its time
to take a pause to realize the undeniable truth
that you are, what you are seeking, for your
heart knows nothing but pulsate ceaseless flow
of unfathomable love.


The Genie in You

Take an inward journey where you can experience your amazing energy that can create wonders not just in your own life, but also in the lives of others. What does the Genie in You, the magical you, wish to create in the world?


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