Lead Like Gandhi - The Fellowship

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey of experimenting with your "own" truth.

Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship

Lead Like Gandhi - The Fellowship

Take your leadership to the next level with the Gandhian approach and embark on a journey of experimenting with your "own" truth.

About the Fellowship

For senior leaders from businesses, charities, institutions and government

The Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship was formed to enable leaders to uncover the Gandhi in them, embark on a journey of experimenting with their truth, inspired by Gandhi’s life and leadership. This will empower them to generate a more humane, equitable and ecologically sensitive world.

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You will learn a number of quite unusual tools and values that empower you in your journey as a leader, by understanding Gandhiji’s use of these.

You will learn the nuances of Leadership from the world’s most extraordinary leader, Gandhiji, and appreciate the relationship of one’s divinity and one’s leadership.

You will experience the world of Gandhi like you’ve never experienced before, and this will inspire you to great heights.

You will discover your life’s purpose, and if you already have a sense of it, through these days of contemplation and a diligent process, will clarify it.

Fellowship Design

An incredible immersive journey of 9 days combining experiential learning through visits that bring alive Gandhi’s life, philosophy and values, role plays, peer learning and tête-à-têtes with Gandhians, transformational sessions that allow each one to go within & emerge in their greatness and contemplative sojourns providing the space for insights and realisations to emerge.

The Fellows go back into their world, and work on themselves, their relationships, their work front and an ambitious project that they choose, as Gandhi’s unfinished business. They return 9 months later, and are then trained on how to take this project to the next level, perhaps as a movement.

Workshop 01: 9 days (at Ahmedabad)
Workshop 02 : 3 days (9 months after)
The fellows will spend the time in between workshops being in practice.

Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation

Transformation – becoming zero or near zero ego, cleaning the past, transforming all close relationships, discovering one’s Life purpose, and putting this into action.
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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning of Gandhiji as an extraordinary human being and a leader. Hands-on working with the community on the ground, to truly get “seva” or true service, and empathy for one’s fellow beings.
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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

The Fellows will work on a project that reflects an unfinished business of Gandhiji and will impact and make the world a better place.
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9 days (At Ahmedabad) + 3 days (9 months later)

Here is what your year will look like

day 0


The fellowship will begin with an evening meet to set the tone and intent for the 8 days whilst connecting with each other and with Gandhi

day 1

Gandhi's Journey

An immersion into Gandhi’s world through the stories shared by Gandhians, a museum tour and a movie screening.

day 2

Discovering Oneself

An internal journey of understanding oneself, cleaning up the past and developing leadership capabilities of listening deeply, enrolling others and living with integrity.

day 3

Rising Beyond One's Ego

Getting close to zero ego state & experiencing grace, humility, and deep gratitude and sharing this with others in a village environment.

day 4

Stepping into Gandhi's Shoes

An uncovering of one’s values that resonate with Gandhi’s values such as non-violence, truth & love and using role plays to imbibe them.

day 5

In Service Like Gandhi

An uplifting day visiting and being in service of inspiring human beings whose greatness has touched many in the local communities and exploring Gandhi as a leader.

day 6

Brilliance of a Leader

Unravelling the brilliance of Gandhi as a leader by looking deeply at the Dandi March movement and gaining incredible leadership insights into strategy, communication and envisioning powerfully.

day 7

Uncovering One's Purpose

A day of clearing up anger and learning to channel it, destroying one’s myths about oneself and then a rigorous journey of uncovering one’s purpose at the Gandhi Ashram.


day 8

Shaping One's Wheel of Life

A powerful day of designing one’s fellowship project and unleashing the essence of one’s being to embark on this wonderful journey of change.

Being in Practice

The fellows will spend the time in between workshops being in practice.

day 9,10,11

Gandhi's Unfinished Business

Nine months after the first workshop, you will engage with powerful and extraordinary consultants and eminent scholars over 3 days and learn how to take on Gandhi’s unfinished business using Gandhian approaches and styles. You may learn how to morph that into a movement if relevant.

At the end of the 3 days, you will leave as a Satyagrahi, and will become part of the global Satyagrahi movement. Together, with many others, you will make some really powerful changes in the world.

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Application process

Are you ready to become a leader like Gandhi?

You will need to be nominated by a Guardian or an Ambassador who believes that you can contribute greatly to the well-being of our world, and to whom this Fellowship can have powerful value and impact.

Need further clarity? Drop us a message and we will get back to you soon!

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