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Something that people are still trying to figure out, to decipher the mystery and to discover its essence. We all want love in our lives, to love and be loved.

What confuses me most about Love, is how we can say it loosely for things. “Oh I love that dress! How I love biryani. I definitely love this movie. I love you when you…” and so on. 

Yet, despite saying it so often, we find it so difficult to simply say the three words, when it comes to our most important relationships. I love you: Self/ mom /dad /partner /children /siblings.

 To say I love you without adding ‘because’, without a condition or a reason. How many times, do you think “have I heard myself say these three words?” Are these three words only meant for passion and romance? 

My journey to understand love started when I was filled with hurt and despair, low self-esteem and feeling insignificant. Looking back, the path I chose to find myself actually was the path towards loving myself and others fully and deeply. I heard that you need to love yourself first, if you want to love others and be loved. But there were no clear answers as to how do I do that.

I thank my innate curiosity and faith that let me to rediscover something that is the most natural part of me.

Your journey through life was never meant to be a struggle, everything difficult is the nightmare of fear superimposed over the presence of Love”

A poetic passage that I slowly unwrapped over the years.

Alan Cohen shares a story of a Princess who was kidnapped as a child and taken to live among fishmongers, she grew up amidst piles of fish, smelling like them with an attitude of a struggling hawker. Years later the princess was found and brought back to the royal palace. She was welcomed with joy and luxuries that she had never imagined. Strangely, the first night she tossed and turned on the finest bed that ever slept on, crying to go back. She had gotten so used to living and struggling with poverty that she could not realize that the elegance, royalty, riches were her birth right and her true place. What seems normal does not equal to natural.

How many of us, like the princess, live our lives believing that we are naturally broken, limited and restricted? We are fragmented by our thoughts, our beliefs and our personality. Actually, who we naturally are, is whole, perfect and complete. 

Love for me, is the most natural part of us and our lives and is the real identity of who we are. I started to ‘GET IT’ – that loving oneself is not a chore and that loving myself was the most important gift I could give myself and others in my world. 

Love is the journey and the final destination that we are all on. 

Love waits on welcome, not on time, and the real world is but your welcome of what always was– A Course in Miracles

The ‘Love GPS’ to welcome love starts with kindness, appreciation and acceptance. Simple. 

Love in all its forms Image

Today start your day by looking into the mirror and seeing yourself with kindness, like the person staring back at you. Give yourself a few words of praise, appreciate all that you are, be thankful for all that you have, compassionately adore the little parts that you hide away from the world, forgive your past, look deeply into your eyes and say the Three words I LOVE YOU. And slowly as you do this every day, you will blossom with love and the magnificence of the fruit is incredibly divine.

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