Being Unstoppable With Ease

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”

Andrew Murphy

We mostly live with this belief that struggle is inescapable to move ahead in life. We often find ourselves in the reality of hard work, struggle and effort to get somewhere – be it achieving a goal or meeting a deadline, completing an activity or pursuing a project. We constantly keep pushing ourselves to move forwards. In this tussle, our minds get clouded by the chatter of procrastination, justifiable excuses, known and unknown fears and doubts which hold us back.

Sometimes, we find it difficult to practice what we have learnt or we tend to lose interest in an ongoing task or project. We try to find novelty and excitement in everything in hand to motivate us to prod along. We also struggle to engage people in our conversations and activities that act like a barrier to take a step further. Our fear of being judged by others, our attachment to the outcome, our ego, self-beliefs and personality pull us back leaving us in a state of glum. We often feel like a bit of a loser in such times. So, the question is, “Can we become unstoppable?” and if the answer is yes, then the next big question to ask oneself is “Is unstoppability always accompanied with struggle?” 

Think of the times when you have been unstoppable. Instances such as gardening, cooking, completing something that you’re deeply passionate about and the like may surface. You would find that you are unstoppable when you’re in a flow. The instances of when you are in intent usually make you unstoppable. And that’s when you are not attached to the outcome but simply enjoying the process. You are completely present to the current moment. The feeling is blissful. But being humans that we are, we possess the ability to complicate any simple thing and create confusion for ourselves.

 Have you ever found yourself in the dilemma of whether to rest and relax under the shade of the satisfaction from past achievements or to push yourself to do more? The scuffle occurs between the part of you who is hungry and wanting to accomplish more and the other part of you who is laid back and wants to take a back seat to rest and relax. More often than not, the latter part of you wins the battle. Yet, this win leaves you with a feeling of restlessness and gloominess. At times, the massiveness of a task weighs us down and we seem to take our unstoppability as a burden. This comes in the way of ease and goodness of life making it difficult for us to relish anything in the process. It’s like going on a world tour but not visiting and savouring any places! 

Let’s look at this a little differently. Consider this. What if the thing wanting to emerge from inside you is what the world needs and is ready for it?! It’s not yours alone to do everything but you must envision it as you’re the source of the idea and then enroll other people to become a part of it. You are a conduit and things will take shape through you. All you have to do is tap into your being and dive into the seamless greatness that exists deep within and you will be able to experience life in its utmost wonder and create a life exactly how you like it to be. The child inside you and the endowments of your being like your independent will, intuition, self-awareness will bring forth clarity, focus, flow, intent, alignment to your purpose and make you unstoppable. Just surrender to your being and it will show you the path and guide you through it. Conflict arises when you stop something that needs to be expressed from coming through. There is no place for conflict when you are in the space of being. 

There is a sense of ease when we’re unstoppable from the space of our Being. Unstoppability is often accompanied with struggle when it comes from our personality as it is overshadowed by our core beliefs, fears, feelings and emotions, the desire to do big things and look great and achieve something huge. True greatness emerges when we open ourselves to surrender, let things flow and let the universe flow through us. This greatness is not about achievement or fame, it is a seamless energy that flows through us wanting to do things that the world needs us to do. The key is to take one step at a time and everything around us will conspire to make things happen in the right way.  

Here is some food for thought and soul. What if this greatness is the energy of potential – the idea that the Being wants to bring forth to the world? And when this energy of greatness existing deep within is given space to explore, the unstoppability from the Being emerges and comes through! And this will be a space when you will be truly living your purpose in harmony with acceptance without any judgements, where every moment, big or small, is significant. Envision your greatness come alive in your life every day by simply surrendering to your Being and letting this energy flow.

Be the conduit to allow this energy to flow seamlessly that will transform you and the world around you. Be truly unstoppable with ease!

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