Tapping Into Unlimited Power

How many of us really know what one’s purpose of life is? I mean, really know for sure? I didn’t know! I know many of us do not know the answer to this question. So, when I enrolled for Mission Impossible Leaders Program, I could never imagine how important this question would turn out to be for me. I would have missed out on many things in my life without knowing what the purpose of my life is.

We were diverse group, total strangers, huddled together in a very peaceful place, not knowing what to expect! Right after the first day, it was evident that this program would change the way I would think about life in general or, look at the close ones that I have in my life or, about my work and most importantly, about the purpose of my life. It was challenging, but slowly and steadily, it started getting clearer on what to carry and what not to carry from the past to the future. By the end of the 4th day, it was a new me! Washed clean, centered, excited and looking forward to the next chapter of my life. And a possibility to travel ahead, light!

I always believed that there is something great inside each one of us. Mission Impossible Leadership programme has definitely helped me to identify that greatness and help bring it out, with a step-by-step plan laid out to achieve it with unlimited power!

Our facilitators – Manisha and Sunil – were like DJ’s playing the right tune to touch each one of us deep inside. To shake us up, and help us move with one’s own inner beings, and then, to share it and spread it to others around us to become this one caring and sharing group. The safe and caring environment they created was amazing. This special space helped us encourage, motivate, share, learn and care for each other in the transformation process. And this feeling and the connection that we formed with each other in those 4 days I am sure, will last me a lifetime.

Finally, this program has brought me closer to myself, my family and with all the people around me and the people I will be meeting, in the future. I am able to see how I can create a world around me, which I always wanted. I realize the power to change rests in me and not the other way around. With a clear-cut plan about the future that I want, with the new tools that I possessed during the program, and with the unlimited power to carry on breaking any barriers, it is a mission impossible to fail! I am excited and looking forward to embrace the life that I have envisioned so clearly during the program.

The purpose of my life is to energize people through fun and play, so they can spread happiness and joy to rest of the world

Well, having said this, the old habits and well established thought processes do come back eventually. But, with practice and effort, being rooted to the new connections established to my own deeper self, I am able to bounce back time and again. That is one of the change I have seen in my self, I am more anchored to the inner being and I know where I want to reach.

To keep new learning’s rooted we are asked to develop a Mission Impossible Project. This exercise brings tangible result by getting into a habit of being committed to ones purpose in life. As a baby step, my Mission Impossible project is to go viral on social media through an energizing and engaging video. To make it more successful, I need to ask none other than Mark Zuckerberg to become the ambassador and support this project. Well, I am yet to start working on it. But, I know one thing for sure, I will be able to pull it off and Mark will be part of it. Just wait and see!

I wish you (Yes, you! who is reading this) happiness and joy in your life.

Rakesh S Soans

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