A Day in the Life of a Mission Impossible Leader

Anyone who has done the MIL Programme is termed as a ‘Mission Impossible Leader’.

What changes for a MI Leader? How are things different for them after the programme? Let me share a bit of what it’s like to live the life of someone who has completed one of the programs of Impossible Transformations.

You wake up in the morning, feeling completely alive and kicked… knowing that you are in the right place, at the right time. You feel alive and aware of the blissful world that you are a vital part of, and so privileged to be able to experience the beauty of light, the home you have, the trees near you – with their flowers and leaves… and so aware of the sounds of life by the birds and animals and people that are around your world, particularly in your home.

You feel so joyful about your most intimate relationships – your mother, father, children, spouse. There is a sense of oneness with each of them, that was not so heightened or perhaps present.  There is a sense of power of a gentle kind. Knowing that you have it in your power to generate the relationships joyfully, to bring forth their beauty.

The inner knowing that you are not just this persona, this role, this “I”, but so so much more richer inside shifts perspective both in a day to day manner, and brings forth that which is truly important in your life.  Small issues bother you less. The desire to blame is less. The clarity that you can make things happen is high.

This is, of course, a dance.  And as each day passes, the surprising thing is we dance even better.  You are a conscious being now. You are able to discern when you are hooked to something, and often can dance your way to responding to adverse situations, rather than instantly react as you would earlier. And when you do react, you can see that you did, and each time the realisation occurs, you dance even better.

Situations or people that would cause us annoyance, irritation – the driver of a badly driven car, honking behind you. A boss that is unreasonable. A colleague that just won’t cooperate. One’s spouse who is behaving badly… they no longer are a problem. You know that you have the ability and power to shift things, to cause them to happen. You are not so fazed.

You have clarity about your life, what is truly important to you, and you focus more on that.

You spend less energies in things that were apparently shiny and looked important earlier – material success, popularity, conformity, being better than others, the new car and house. The substance begins to be more valuable to you than the form, and you move your life in that direction and have an incredible sense of peace.

You are authentic in your way of being, you don’t waste your energies on appearances, and are just who you are, fully comfortable with yourself.  You veer now more towards a life of deep integrity and fulfilment, and there is a sense of well-being that envelops your world. All is well.

You still live in the same world, yet the world now – it seems as if – has transformed. The same people, the same work, the same relationships, the same situations – are somehow changed. 

You have the power inside of you to make things happen… the same things that caused you frustrations.. the same relationships of people that were such monsters are transformed by you, quite easily, using the power of all that you have imbibed in the program. And it is an exhilarating experience – to be in charge, to know that you cause everything in your world to happen, and that you can cause it as you desire it.

Discovering the many many facets of listening powerfully and deeply, not being caught up with the words of the other, but seeing far beyond that. Not analysis or second guessing, but the gift of truly ‘getting’ another person, and connecting so intimately in moments. Just by listening completely and fully.

Having discovered your Life’s purpose is so glorious. Just having the deep knowing of the direction of your life makes your life so meaningful, so clear, and truly empowering.

Oh, the joy of knowing what you are created to do in this lifetime. And having this North Star, this guide to direct one’s life to be in alignment with your Life’s Purpose, is simply magnificent.

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