The perils of a sharp mind

For decades or rather for many centuries, we have admired the minds and intellect of people.  The geniuses, the innovators & the pioneers are the ones we have idolised and still do so.  We have built many of our institutions to foster that kind of intellect which creates, invents, and develops mankind. I was part of this […]

My MILP Journey

MILP Journey

Being a social entrepreneur I felt I was already fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I was already serving others and working with marginalized communities, what greater purpose could there be? How naive I was. MILP made me realize that I had an exalted opinion of myself and a holier-than-thou outlook on my work! Finding my purpose […]

Lead Like Gandhi Fellowship

Lead Like Gandhi Featured Image

Profound, Rich & Transformative – An incredible beginning. 9 senior leaders; 9 magical days; innumerable life-changing journeys.   Never before have we co-created a program like this, where every participating Fellow – a senior leader – is immersed in Gandhiji’s world and the sacred spaces he lived in, is moved by doing sewa (service to […]