Sumita C Ummat

The purpose of my life is to awaken people to a deeper sense of awareness leading them to a space of inner joy, oneness and complete freedom.

Sumita C Ummat is the Founder and CEO of ‘Let Us Talk’ – an organization that focuses on Developing Human Capital.

Coming from an Electronics Engineering Background Sumita started her corporate career in 1999 on Business Intelligence Platforms and Databases – working with IT and Telecom multinationals in India, US, and Europe. She moved onto senior roles in Project Management driving ownership for Delivery. She was very enthusiastic about Coaching and Mentoring large teams to ensure business growth. 

Overseeing diverse teams – Sumita started mentoring and coaching them to see a spike in their alignment of goals and performance. Identifying her calling in Coaching – she moved on to get a professional certification from ICF as a PCC Coach followed by a Diploma in Mindfulness and mental Wellbeing. She is associated with Leadership Development and Coaching Initiatives across global Digital platforms.

She has been working with professionals across domains including Information Technology, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail and Banking Financial Services as a Leadership and Executive Coach.

Sumita wants to enable her clients to discover the uniqueness in themselves and create a life that they can look back and be proud of! She believes that self-awareness is the starting point for all change.

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