Simon Mac Mckenzie

Simon (Mac) Mckenzie

Master Sorcerer
I dream of a world with more peace, more joy and more fairness. My purpose is to bring people together who share this dream to inspire action.

Simon (Mac) Mckenzie strongly believes that if each individual contributes, in big or small actions, towards the challenges so well defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, then we will be able to leave a world behind which is fairer, more prosperous and more joyous. Mac is a Partner and a Master Sorcerer at Impossible Transformations LLP.

Mac is the COO of BRIDGE, an organisation that develops and evolves leaders and organisations to do well and do good. He helped found the BRIDGE Institute, a not-for-profit that brings extraordinary people together to solve the world’s seemingly impossible problems. The flagship programs are focused on combatting of human trafficking, COVID-19, and peace-building. Mac has a remarkable ability to see the true qualities of other people and take them with him on the journey of growth and leadership.

Mac specialises in designing and delivering pioneering leadership and strategy development programs. He has worked with senior teams across more than 15 industries, including financial services, education, climate change, logistics, aerospace, construction and defence. Some programs include the program management of the Fellowship Commission for the Department of Education in the UK, a major policy review which lead to a Bill being successfully voted through Parliament and change in law. Mac also designed and delivered the leadership development of one of the world’s most successful international retailers.

With a sharp focus on getting things done, Mac has extensive operational and leadership experience at senior level in both private and public sectors. He has worked at leadership and strategic positions in organisations like The Climate Group and Reuters. He was also a management consultant with two of the world’s premiere strategy and transformation firms.

Mac graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Engineering, Economics and Management. He is trained and qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Myers Briggs and Systems Theory. He possesses the ability to be incredibly serious about his life but not himself.

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