Savita Upponi

Savita Upponi

My purpose in life is to awaken people to their potential and enable them to live their dreams with joyful abandon.

Savita Upponi has three decades of corporate experience in learning and development space with many Indian and Fortune 100 and 500 Global multinational organizations. Her vast experience across verticals and levels coupled with her expertise from professional certifications enables her to engage and partner with organizations in their quest for talent development and help them to deliver consistent business results. 

As a transformational Coach, she has supported people to make meaningful contributions that they desire across various roles they play in life. Her strong belief that every individual is complete, has immense potential and possess the ability to unleash it has enabled her to inspire individuals to volunteer energy, talent and passion to actualize their mission and dream goals in personal and professional lives. Making a meaningful difference to people’s lives is very important to her. Her endeavor is to help people make significant contributions that they so desire across various roles they play in life.

Savita has leveraged her education, experience and expertise the areas of Leadership, Productivity, Execution, Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness curriculums. She has been the part of the founding team of FranklinCovey when they set base in South Asia 12 years ago partnering with several Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Her professional exposure in various geographies added to her perspective and ability to bring forth the best in people. With Results Coaching Systems (now Neuro Leadership group) she certified coaches in organizations via the ACTP route across verticals.

Savita has numerous certifications in Coaching. Her Vision is that every person in the Corporate world will have access to a Coach by 2040 and she has initiated her Mission Impossible Pilot Project towards achieving her Vision.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

I feel blessed being accepted by you. My life journey has taken a tremendous turn, a turn that is bringing me so many gifts each day, gifts which are bringing me so much joy. I am energised everyday as I take my Life Purpose forward, reaping immense fulfilment and joy after each step. Living side by side with my core beliefs, befriending them, being able to drop them more and more with each passing day, is allowing me to experience life fully. Each day is work in progress, ego and personality challenging me and daring me to step up and tune in to my Being.

My relationships have flowered, some are transformed, some are still work in progress but the progress made is significant and that has brought so much light into my Life. I take rejection in my stride more often than not, there are no prolonged periods of anger, frustration and sadness. Sometimes I rebound in a minute, for that is all it takes to recall the learning, pushing hard against long cemented habits!

There is one thing I would like to celebrate with you. My relationship with a loved one, has been a challenge for over 2 decades, the magic happened because I hold her in her ideal qualities all/most of the time. The relationship paradigm has shifted and with it the outcome is so beautiful.

In my MIL programs, I have seen caterpillars transform into colourful, beautiful butterflies, free from their bondage and fully expressed. I have seen and felt your power, I intent to grow with you, and support all who reach out to you. I will hold you gently, in full ownership and allow your magical magnificence to transform others who come into contact with you.

Let us together, create a space where more and more people can feel blessed by your power and transform themselves to reach their potential, live fully and joyously.

With much love,