The purpose of my life to show people to way recreate a world which is prosperous, united, interconnected, united and one with nature.

Saurav is a grassroots change-maker and works with communities in Ahmedabad. He is associated with some key organizations in the transformations space, working with barefoot men and artisans across the state. In the past, he has been associated with several organizations in the development sector and has led their programs with impact. He also had the opportunity to contribute to the works of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India in his books Reignited and Advantage India. He has also led the Kalam Library Project, one of the unfulfilled dreams of Dr. Kalam to give free access to books to underserved children, and has impacted hundreds of young minds in the last few years.

Saurav has done his Masters from the Army Institute of Management(Kolkata) where he has initiated several community impact interventions. His learning process continues daily through his engagements with different sets of people in which he does his talking and playing Phd with elders and young minds. He says, children help him stay curious and come from a space of being.

He is passionate about meeting people and hopeful that someday the world is going to be a better place to live in and compassion is the way to create such a world. He believes that everyone has tremendous potential to create a shift within and outside. We just need a push to create ripples of such shifts similar to what happens when your throw stone in the water. The invisible keep playing their part even when the ripples disappear. Love all. Serve all. Jai Jagat

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