Rakesh Soans

Rakesh Soans

The purpose of my life is to Energize people with fun and play, so they can connect with others and spread happiness and joy to the rest of the world.

Rakesh is a strong and firm believer that there is inherent goodness in every individual. He actively recognizes and brings out this expression, in order to create strong, well-networked & regenerative communities for a better future, a better world.  Rakesh works in the field of social change through play and creating nonformal spaces for community interactions.

He is the Co-founder & President of ‘Field Services & Interculture Learning’ – a social organization which promotes and implements social development of the youth through volunteering and social-emotional learning in young children with Global Competencies. Along with this, the organization also implements community development projects in natural resource management. Rakesh passionately leads FSL and promotes holistic development in the youth. 

He has designed various non-formal education programs over the last 20 years across all age groups- children, teenagers, young adults, and across multiple Global communities. Rakesh is an International Team Leader, and enjoys social leadership. He has created and been a part of intercultural learning modules for integrating both international volunteers and rural local communities. He was been a part of many corporate volunteering interventions as well, and has active participation in organization development and in creating social action circles among communities. He promotes Social Leadership and Personal Social Responsibility as part of this life’s mission. He’s worked for multiple development projects like Model Village and Happy Move. In 2006, he started the Sea Turtle conversation for a 60km beach on the west-coast. 

He has traveled to over 30 countries, and has networked and partnered with youth organizations to promote International Voluntary Service. Rakesh has been in the Executive committee of CCIVS (under the aegis of UNESCO) as the Treasurer, VP for Asia, for the last 7 years.

And yet, Rakesh is so much more! He is a dreamer, a dancer, an actor, an energizer, a designer, a changemaker, a store teller, a nature-lover, a trainer and a Sorcerer – the list goes on! 

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