Parineeta Mehra

Parineeta Mehra

The Purpose of my life is to empower each individual to be the catalyst of change for helping others lead a joyous and purposeful life.

Parineeta Mehra is the Founder of Look Beyond Consulting, a Firm that delivers Impactful Leadership Development Programs in areas of OD/Life and Related areas. Parineeta Mehra is an Executive coach, Facilitator, Speaker with leadership experience in Global financial services & Retail, including positions in Customer Service, Business Administration, Operations, Sales and Training. 

As an executive coach and facilitator, she has worked with Organizations/Institutions in areas of leadership development and personal reconstruct programs for senior leaders. Her 25 years of experience enables her to relate to the issues and challenges faced by Individuals, Organizations and Society at large with ease uncompared. She has a way of helping expand perspectives by guiding people/teams through a process of self-discovery, making conscious choices and taking required actions for desired outcomes. She can be your best and toughest accountability partner when it comes to Life Purpose and its role in our lives.

She inspires leaders to build awareness of impact they have on others, helps them create the results they want and build lasting relationships. She is passionate about Life, Human potential and believes there is abundance in the Universe for all. We just need to know how to tap into it. She is an active speaker, consultant who is known as a Women Evangelist in her circles of Influence.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear Beloved MIL,

‘‘The sorcery and charm of imagination, and the power it gives to the individual to transform his world into a new world of delight and order, makes it ones of the most treasured of all human capacities.’’

The universe has a frequency that attracts towards us what we want.I needed you in my life and you showed up! You helped me realise that life can be enriched in so many ways! You helped me connect with my being, find my purpose when I was feeling low. You brought in life a joy and flow. You showed me what all is possible. In return I would like to say that …

I would like to offer my gratitude by the following : my mission would be to help all those who have enrolled to achieve their space /purpose of transformation. I would do so by being there in mind, body soul and heart fully. Your presence has made a difference in my life and I value it.Share my dreams, write an article or blog. Support others through coaching/any other support needed. Spread the word through Friendlies and corporate Programs and do whatever is possible by dedicating a min of an hour a day to spreading word and work of MIL.Running the programs as co- lead with the founders is my desire and goal that I am working towards. I believe I have the knowledge and skills; just need to bring in little more rigour overall to be a powerful sorcerer. My beingness is my strength as everyone tells me . I’m able to connect, empathise, drive ahead anything/anyone I partner up with. That I believe is my biggest strength. I operate from ‘in your service’ above all and that has helped me work wonders in all assignments/projects undertaken.

I shall listen intently to all and work on the unsaid, gift a book, work in the community, offer myself as facilitator, coach mentor and beyond in what is possible, with those necessary as part of my contribution to you, revered one. I say this in gratitude, that I will live my purpose and do my bit with humility to be in your service now and ahead.Lets play fully from our beings, as my wish for you is that you grow into a known name worldwide and support millions to flourish into beautiful beings that inspire others and leave a mark in society. I feel whole complete and perfect in your company and have learnt a lot that I would want to pass on further.

Lots of Love,

Warmly Yours,

Pari Mehra.