Paras Goyal

Paras Goyal

Purpose of my life is to connect leaders with their core self, to unleash their highest potential! 

Paras is a leadership and a wellbeing coach. He works with mid management to C-level executives to help them discover their core values and leadership purpose. His current mission is to reach out to 10,000+ leaders and help them access their personal core values and purpose.

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by ICF, Paras is proficient on notable coaching tools and processes: values exploration, metaphor development, action anchoring, coaching remotely and use of physical space to shift perspective. He has coached leaders across many countries, including US, Poland, UK, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Brazil and India. He is also accredited on HOGAN workplace assessment tool, covering Leader’s bright side (key strengths), dark side (derailing behaviors at workplace) and in-side (Motives, & Key drivers). He has developed leadership excellence model, which is based on ‘core being’ coaching.

He is a passionate L&D professional with 17+ years of corporate experience in leading diverse teams and developing leaders at BCG and McKinsey. In these roles, he has shaped and grown businesses from scratch to turning them into independent verticals. He excels in leadership space through mentoring and coaching. 

Paras has been honoured with gold medal for his academic excellence. He earned his Masters’ degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is also amongst first 50 Indians, to be honored with one of the most sought after leadership award – Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), by Toastmasters USA.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL

This is a gift that I have now. How I feel about here and how I will act going forward. Dear lovely, precious, most beautiful MIL, as you came into my life, I can see myself and the whole universe with a new lens. I feel sunshine more now, I smile more, I eat with joy now, I enjoy expressing myself, I experience joy and a unique connectedness with life and all that life presents.

Thanks a lot for coming into my life.

With you coming in my relationship with Life has simply been awesome.

I am sure as you grow, you will impact many more lives and I am so blessed to get this amazing opportunity to see you grow and nurture.

As you grow I am committed to make sure you get the right support, you get the opportunity to impact many transformational beings into this world. I am going to be with you with my intention and in my action. I know this is a great responsibility and with that comes bigger ownership! I will continue to communicate the message of yours to the fellow travelers on this planet so that they can also support in making your vision into reality. To see a world full of possibilities, peace & joy.

With warm love and the biggest hug,