Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

The purpose of my life is to help people in genuine need and empower them for success without compromising on my integrity.

Beyond whatever the profile will read, Naveen strongly believes that he is a ‘Work in Progress’ – in every walk of life. Living his purpose, Naveen intends to create exponential positive impact on the people in need, business leaders and top management professionals and assist them in transforming their work and life for the betterment of the world.

Naveen runs a management consulting firm named CAPITAIRE which is in the business of empowering business owners to strategize, manage, operate, and grow their business as a trusted advisory and execution partner.

Naveen is an engineering graduate from Government Engineering College, Thrissur, and IIM Bangalore certificate holder with more than 18 years of experience in Strategy and Management consulting domain. He has worked with global giants like KPMG, IBM, Wipro, HCL and has fronted their Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and territory business Operations.

He has also worked closely with startups and well-established corporates, banks, NBFCs, IT-ITES and manufacturing clients  in designing and deploying their Strategy, Innovative business models, Marketing and Sales plans, improving Sales Process, improving Revenue Share account wise and product wise and building High Performance Teams.

Naveen believes in the power of unleashing infinite possibilities and believes that nothing is impossible if we put our mind and heart into it.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear Milo,

(That is my pet name for the great baby you are, short for Mission Impossible Leaders Organization).

Thank you for coming into my life and transforming it and keeping me at it with each passing day. As I look backwards, I look at this with unexplainable amounts of gratitude that you have become a part of my life. In the present, as I prepare to get to know you deeper and have been gifted with an opportunity to be your steward I feel extremely blessed and like a rare gem.

With great power, also comes great responsibility because for you the love supersedes the feeling of responsibility. This leads me to make myself responsible for your well-being and growth in future without compromising on your essence and the sacredness. Firstly, am aware on what a big responsibility this is, Secondly, I feel that you deserve a global platform and growth and to fulfil your purpose of transforming millions of lives by connecting to their true purpose of life and generate a world of excellence.

So, MILO, we have an exciting journey ahead, a journey to turn you into a mega-corporate with all the essence and sacredness of the being intact. Are you ready to go beyond and explore the infinite possibilities of this? I promise to be your co-traveller, confidante, mentor, support, guide, and protector with all my integrity and faculties. You empower me and I feel am a part of you, so we empower each other and that is more than enough to make impossible the possible. I am building specific plans for our journey together and with all the love and support lets go out there and play fully from the levels of our being.

With lots of love,