Mridu Gupta

The purpose of my life is to empower people to recognize and enhance their wellbeing and generate a ripple effect towards creating a world of joy and harmony.

Mridu has a background in microbiology and is also a Self-Realization Fellow from SRF, California since 2001. She is a certified Life Coach, a yoga practitioner for 25 years and a teacher of the yogic sciences for the last 8 years. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of social development across sectors of education and healthcare.

Currently, she heads a non-profit organization, Cancer Awareness, prevention and Early Detection Trust (CAPED) working on cancer prevention, is a co-founder of another organization for transformative education, Shikshanjali EduTech Consulting and is also a contributing advisory member in non-profit organizations such as Sankalp in Saharanpur, UP and Nulife Foundation, Gurgaon, Haryana. In her current position, she is an influential member of National and Global advocacy groups and simultaneously works with the poorest and the most marginalized communities in India to bring about equity in healthcare and education. 

What drives her is her passion for change – whether in the development sector or in individuals. Change, that can create strong, sustainable processes that lead to well-being and better quality of life. Spiritual growth occurs only when the struggle for survival and ill- health is overcome. With this belief, her attempt to uplift individuals covers both – worldly struggles as well as spiritual challenges. She has never shied away from shaking up a status quo to bring about necessary growth that can transform people, societies and evolution itself!

Her mantra is – “Personal learning and growth comes from being out of one’s comfort zone and constantly adapting.”

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