Mathangi Ramakrishnan

The purpose of my life is to use the power of Storytelling to enable people to connect with their true selves, and experience joy and meaning in their lives.

Mathangi Ramakrishnan is a multi-dimensional person, however, her true passion is ‘Storytelling’. Her multiple interest areas and her varied experience, equip her with the skills to translate real-life happenings into relatable stories of change. Over the years, her work in the area of ‘Social Impact Storytelling’ has supported many organisations understand and communicate their impact to different stakeholders, for enhanced engagement and ultimately a deeper impact.

She is the Co-founder of Shikshanjali, a social impact organisation that works in the area of social and emotional development, equipping people with skills to lead more joyful lives. She is also the Founder of The Bodh Project – an agency that provides tailored strategic and innovative communications services to organisations. She also conducts workshops and one-on-one coaching for professionals who wish to build their capacity in storytelling.

Mathangi is extremely passionate towards enabling sustainable change within individuals as well as communities, through personal storytelling and social impact storytelling.

Thought Journal

MILP Journey
Manisha Dahad

My MILP Journey – Mayura Balasubramanian

Being a social entrepreneur I felt I was already fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I was already serving others and working with marginalized communities, what greater purpose could there be? How

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My Pledge

Dear MIL,

Not long ago, you were the one nurturing me and making me realize and overcome my limitations. You have given me so much, if I were to summarize it in one word, it would be ‘freedom’. You have freed me from my demons, my own thoughts that were holding me back, the issues and challenges that were making me unhappy and my life not worth living. You took away so much pain from within me and gave me a new perspective on so many things. Most of all, you gave me joy!

I had never imagined that I would one day be in a place, where I would look at you as my baby. I have been thinking of you as a mother, who has supported me while I blossomed into who I am today. But don’t they say, our parents become like our children when we reach a certain age. I would like to look at it this way – I am mostly grown up now and now it is my turn to take care of you, nurture you and see that you go out there and find other lost ‘children’ like me and support them grow up too!!

And I intend to be your partner in this journey throughout, till the day I exist on this planet. I will keep learning from you and growing with you, and make that happen for everyone we together touch! I intend to gift joy and freedom to all those we come in contact with, and inspire them to impact more lives in a similar manner!!

I am grateful you think I am capable of this. Despite me being an ungrateful wretch, you continue to believe in me! And that unwavering belief will keep me going till the end of my days!

Gratefully yours,

Mathangi aka Giggly