Manoj Shettigar

Manoj Shettigar

The purpose of my life is to enable people realize their unlimited potentials and empower them to live in abundance.

Manoj Shettigar has co-founded ‘Fundraising Made Easy’, a platform to assist non-profit organizations build sustainability in their fundraising operations.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the NGO sector, he has had top managerial positions in organizations like CRY- Child Rights and You and HOPE Foundation. Driven by a desire to lend his expertise to a wider spectrum in the social sector he started a consultancy to equip grassroots organizations with fundraising solutions.

His association with the Mission Impossible Leaders Program accelerated his journey of inner transformation and brought him greater clarity on his purpose and path in life. Through his work with children, parents, educational institutions, NGOs, corporates and various cross-sections of society he now focuses on inner personal growth combined with fine-tuning of external skillsets to develop purpose-driven and result-oriented individuals.

He heads the training vertical at Indian Company of Training and Development (ICTD). He loves expressing the positivity of life through poems and blogs, and shortly aspires to be a published author through his maiden book ‘Empower Your Child’.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dearest MIL,

You epitomize the saying, ‘When a child is born, so is the mother’. For when you came in my life it wasn’t just about you being born – some aspect was born in me too.

Just as a parent in me may have been there much before, I wasn’t aware of its true essence, dear MIL, you made me aware of the magnificence of my being as you were born. You made me look beyond the labor pains of my day to day struggles and failures until then I was so caught with, and paying too big a price for the ‘Delivery’ of my success. Every injection coming from my ego could numb the pain temporarily but then I was back again battling the rigors, the inner ones especially taking a pronounced toll on me

Then when you came into my life you made me realize new dimensions of my life. You shifted my perspective; you made me realize that my life wasn’t just about me. Through you ‘my purpose’ crystallized with clarity, and made me responsible to contribute to an extended family called humanity.

I know some old pains patterns may still surface but it’s my renewed resolve and commitment to stand with you and for you and see you flower in this amazing world and transform every being you come in touch with. In a way I am living my purpose through you and as I bring you up, you are fulfilling me in the process too. And then a time would come where you will show up so brilliantly, just like a shining sun, you will leave a legacy that will continue to illuminate eternally, enabling and empowering a few billion more beings on this planet.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Sorcerer for life

Manoj Shettigar