Krishna Prasad (KP)

Krishna Prasad G

I see a world where people are full of energy! My purpose of life is to enable people to live a powerful healthy life thus achieve their dreams and goals.

Krishna Prasad started from scratch as Customer Support Associate to now as Manager Planning in Mahindra Retail with an enriched experience of 15+ years in varied roles and responsibilities managing different size of Team, Planning/SCM/Buying/Retail Sales/B2B. He has extensive experience in Supply Chain Management, Planning, Procurement, Retail Sales, B2B, Merchandising and handling Customized Merchandise, various product divisions, negotiating, sourcing & pricing, recycling the inventory with the vendors and analyzing the business trend having the format shift. 

He has done MBA in Marketing from Annamalai University, an graduate from University of Madras. His professional certifications include Potential life Certified SHARP Leader, Knolskape certified Leader as Coach / Network Leader / Clearing the Digital BLUR (Boundaryless organization, Limitless digitization Unbounded innovation and Relentless iteration), one among the group of Senior Leadership of the batch-2 2019-20 a flagship program conducted by Mahindra for 18-month, leadership journey for grooming young high-potential managers into whole-brained leaders, with the exposure to Leadership interaction – with Corporate leaders, Bureaucrats, SC lawyers and Soldiers, Industry Exposure – Visit campuses of leading business houses, Understanding self – Psychometric tools, coaching to understand strengths & weaknesses, People Management – Team leadership through managerial styles, team roles, Liberal Arts – India’s history, economics, geopolitics, and current issues, Personal Effectiveness – Communication, Dining Etiquette, Flexing styles, Learning beyond classrooms – Heritage visits in different cities, 55 km walk, Byte-size learning, Live Projects – Projects in NGO / other companies leveraging individual capabilities.

He is an avid learner & practitioner of Martial Arts Shoriniji Kempo, based on the teachings of non-violence of the Buddha. The Martial training is backed up with Za-Zen meditation and a study of morology. Through Shorinji Kempo, a way of human development, showing people things that money cannot buy, things more precious than awards, teaching them that the final source of strength must be personal pride and confidence, Krishna Prasad increases concentration and mind power, self-discipline.

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