Krishna Iyer

Master Sorcerer
The purpose of my life is to create deeply transformative experiences for people all over the world to awaken to the fullness of their being.

Krishna is a director in fintech companies and an investor in wellness organizations. He has held executive positions including that of a CEO at software companies. He is educated as a chartered accountant and holds international certifications.

Krishna has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and is a speaker at several global conferences. Krishna is a trustee of Tej Gyan Foundation, with branches across the world. He has facilitated leadership and thinking skills workshops for Fortune 500 companies and who’s who of India, such as Atlas Copco, Bharat Forge, Angel Broking and Mindgate. 

Thought Journal

MILP Journey
Manisha Dahad

My MILP Journey

Being a social entrepreneur I felt I was already fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I was already serving others and working with marginalized communities, what greater purpose could there be? How

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