John Peck

John Peck

The purpose of my life is to kick butt in love in order to unleash and inspire creative leadership so individuals can mutually discover and nurture their god-given greatness to create an equitable, harmonious and supra-natural world.

John has trained and coached people most of his life, be it in martial arts, language, or entrepreneurial mindset. He became a keynote speaker and travelled to many countries with a message of transformation and possibility thinking. As a Mindset Architect, through workshops, webinars, and masterclasses, John challenges leaders to precisely define and design their preferred future without limits and then become the Being that empowers them to bring their destination into the present moment.

In 2007, John was invited to Hong Kong as a Lecturer and taught in well-known business schools for several years. Meanwhile, he completed his Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics with a South African University as well as several coaching certifications.

Certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),  using language to model excellence, John has also been certified by Bob Proctor as a Proctor-Gallagher Consultant and a licensed Facilitator / Coach of their flagship process, The Thinking Into Results® Method for Leaders.

John also launched Eagle Wings International Marketing Ltd, a website, mobile app, reputation management, SEO, and ADA (American Disabilities Association) website compliance and development company.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

How can I begin to describe the gratitude I feel for this magnificent gift you have given to me?

Your beauty is beyond description and your majesty transforms from the smallest to the largest paradigms in lives. I stand in awe when I gaze upon your wisdom and the way you challenge my participants.

I feel your power as you shift participants’ paradigms from disempowering to empowering paradigms. What an honour to witness lives changed in front of my eyes in your simplicity and your complexity.

I will honour your power because with great power comes great responsibility and I will protect your copyrights and processes. I will hold your founders in my heart and walk with them on this journey with you, my dear MIL, in integrity and fidelity.

From time to time, after having mastered your secrets, I will suggest small adjustments that could make you even more powerful.

Yours faithfully

John Peck
Master Sorcerer
in the making, for life!