Harsh Arora

Harsh Arora

The Purpose of My Life is To Create Spaces Where People Find Clarity, Discover Their True Potential and Lead Joyful Lives.

Harsh Arora is the founder of Sarthak Prayas, an NGO which runs with an aim to promote Voluntary Blood Donation Promotion, Education, Elder Care and Environment.

He is also the founder of Improve Life Human Value Management Private Limited, an organization, whose vision is to transform people’s lives and spread happiness.

He is an inspiring counselor for behavioral competencies and stressed relationships, worked with companies like GE-Countrywide, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Wipro BPO Solution Ltd, Hutchison Essar (now Vodafone) and American Express in various capacities while leading the team, his focus was to highlight the strengths.

Since 2009 he has been involved with large network of audiences in various companies and institutions like Future Group, Rayat Bahra College of Engineering, Manav Rachna International University, N.R.I.B.M, Ahmadabad, Grow More Institute, Himmatnagar, Gujarat, D.A.V School, Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Management Studies, Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, Lady Shriram College of Commerce, Fortune Institute of International Business, Students, Teachers , NGOs and thousands of one to one coaching by which he has developed has a deep sense of understanding to tailor his message to inculcate in the listener’s heart and mind.

Harsh’s talks are exciting, innovative, and powerful, which gives people a tool to create passion in life and keep them hanging to every word said by him. He believes that no matter how hard the time is if a person is talented and has the courage to work the person will definitely cross all hurdles of life. His mantra is to Enjoy Life!

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

Had heard in my childhood that blessings come in your life when we least expect it.

Your coming in my life is one such blessings in 2018. Investing those 4 days with 12 hours a day, opened a completely new dimension of Life, relationships, anger, choices, surrendering, listening, and getting my purpose aligned.

It’s been more than two years after I took that journey, but still feel like I have just taken my first step.

Feel truly blessed to be chosen now to touch lives and transform them the way I got transformed.

Complete gratitude to you and your inventors, Manisha and Sunil. May I continue serving millions of lives till my last breadth.

Enjoy Life!