Dharmesh Mistry

Dharmesh Mistry

Master Sorcerer
My purpose in life is to generate pure happiness in this world by enabling people to connect with their True Self

Dharmesh Mistry stands for Deep Transformation of Society and Organizations through the journey of self-transformation. This comes alive through his role as a Leadership & Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant and Facilitator of Deep-Transformation workshops and Group work. Dharmesh is a Master Sorcerer at Impossible Transformations LLP.

With over 25 years of experience across Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Operations and Human Resources, Dharmesh brings his rich and varied experience in his work. A constant learner, he is a Mechanical Engineer with Post Grad Diploma in Marketing, Masters in Neuroscience of Leadership and Post Graduate Diploma in Organization Development and Change (TISS) – and his learning continues with his constant strive to understand himself at a deeper levels.

His practice of Vipassana meditation provides him the ability to deeply look within and discover answers from within – and he connects this self-experiential knowledge with various theories in the development work. He is particularly interested in and is currently studying Aristotle’s Theory of Eudaimonic Well-being – which is Well-being through self-realization and Purpose fulfillment.

Dharmesh also serves as a Member of Board of Trustees of FSL India – a Public Charitable Trust Organization involved in developing Youth in creating a strong and well-connected regenerative society through volunteering, he is also the Managing Partner at Rhizomatic Consulting LLP.

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