CN Murthy

CN Murthy

The purpose of my life is to enable people to find peace, joy and fulfillment in their journey through life.

CN is a transformational coach with a wholistic approach to bringing about change that matters in individuals. He helps organizations and leaders develop a systemic understanding of their Being thus helping them deliver results for self and the teams they belong to.

He specialises in up-skilling leaders for higher executive presence including building gravitas, real communication and presence. A Certified facilitator for programs on Conversation Skills for Collaboration, Accountability and Culture Change Processes, he has worked with many organisations and individuals raising their ability to use the potential they possess for ‘impossible’ results.

He has served diverse management and leadership roles including at Board levels with ITC Ltd and Huhtamaki PPL.  He is the current President of ICF Mumbai Charter Chapter and serves as an Independent Director on the board of a listed company in the financial sector.

CN is a believer of the goodness that exists in all human beings and the power one has to solve the biggest problems in life by reflection and focus on one’s consciousness. The power of Mind Kinetics he learnt as a coach leads him to work on mind, body and spirit in one’s quest for that which leads to peace, joy and fulfillment in life.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

Having traversed the journey that a Sorcerer in Learning undertakes I am, today simply in awe of all the learning and the revelation that has flowed into me. The simple ways in which you guide, support and cajole one to shed the past has helped me connect with my ‘intention’ and my purpose in life. An empowering state to be!

A sincere and heartfelt thank you for having opened my eyes to life’s possibilities!

There is a deep insight about who a human being is at his core embedded in you. This is the insight I have been seeking for many years now. I have read books written by many thought leaders, worked with gurus to discern the knowledge of ‘who I am’ as enshrined in the Vedas and in ancient eastern philosophies. I learnt a lot from these studies. I continued to struggle to bring the new found knowledge into myself and to create shifts in myself that would change my view of life. Behaviour change eluded me and I was in fact more confused and certainly not at peace with myself.

You have had the power to create a powerful and instant shift for me ‘in the room’, so to speak! I can feel the change in myself and others who have known me for years can feel it too. Relationships have changed. My energy is different. Today I feel physically challenged and weak at times. My intention for myself holds me together and I do not give up. I experience bliss in the midst of my gross physical struggles.

In your presence, I have discovered that my purpose in life is ‘to create and nurture a community, where we celebrate life, with laughter and fun and make all our dreams come true.’

The new me is Bindaas! I have become more forgiving of myself and of others around me. That by itself helps me connect with nature and others around me with lightness and joy in my heart.

I take ownership for myself and act with total integrity. I am able to let go of my sense of ‘rightness’ and be grateful for the privileges I enjoy by just being with others around me in this world. The sense of purpose is motivating indeed and it seamlessly and effortlessly appears to guide me into enrolling others into this way of living. I am determined to be this new me at all times and in all situations.

With the freedom to be at ease and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to me I will use my power of being a Sorcerer to spread your message amongst the constantly enlarging community I am in today.

My purpose is to vastly improve the quality of relationships, the confidence with which one lives in communities. It is my intention to work with participants in future MILP programmes to help many more people experience the love and peace that comes from living a life with new ‘shifts’ they make in their perceptions and the truths they ‘get’ about themselves.

There are many projects I can take up including enrolment of corporate organisations and individuals into this powerful way of living.

My passion is incorporating the phenomenally powerful tools that shift paradigms into coaching practice. I intend to research more ways of strengthening a coaches ability to make instant demonstrated shifts of behaviour in a coaching room. I am convinced that you have the power to make a coaching practice totally effective and yet efficient in a way that lifts both the coach and the coachee in an indelible way. Dancing between the doing and the being effortlessly and seamlessly is the dream that all coaches desire to do and I intend to help create that ‘flow’ with the simple yet difficult insights I have learnt in your presence!

This last resolve is the bedrock of what I intend to live for in the days ahead!

Your Bindaas Chela!!!

C N Murthy