CJ Jeychander

The purpose of my life is to be an alchemist and enable people to transform their lives by discovering their true potential and generate a world filled with happiness and joy.

Jey started his career as a worker in Ms. Ashok Leyland. He realized his creative energies needed more than a monotonous 9 am – 5 pm work. He took VRS and Co-founded BASIX CHE in 2005 and The Nest BASIXCHE in 2015. He is a Psychotherapist who uses Hypnotherapy and NLP as his major model in his interventions with individuals, groups and organizations.

Spends much of his time in empowering and enriching lives as a volunteer with NPOs like Jaycees, Rotary offering training, mentoring, coaching for emerging leaders.

He is a charter member of ICF Bengaluru. He is an instructor with CLI (Coaching and Leadership Institute) and mentors coaches in their credentialing journey. He is a charter member of ISNLP.

He has delivered speeches, provided training in many institutions, organizations, NGOs, NPOs on mind, behavior, human development, organization development.

In all this a simple thread is to be with people, engage deeply in bringing change within each individual and as a team makes the impossible possible. 

His vision is to reach 10 million meditators who can lead selves, collaborate with others and spread joy and happiness everywhere.

Thought Journal

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