Anushree Godbole

Anushree Godbole

I dream of a world where there is dignity of life, I dream of a world where there is acceptance of the other, I dream of a world where there is compassion. I believe that each of us have the innate ability to create this world. And my purpose is to unleash this potential.

Anushree is an organizational and leadership development facilitator with over a decade of experience. Having engaged with organizations and leaders across sectors, her niche lies in designing and facilitating attitudinal and behavioral change journeys. Her deepest passion lies in designing and facilitating self-discovery journeys for individuals, facilitating their growth in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Her career began with working in the political leadership space where she facilitated leadership journeys of 3000 young political leaders. Since then she has worked on Gender, HIV, Early Child Marriage, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Education and Active Citizenship. Anushree has also facilitated leadership workshops with organizations such as IDFC pvt ltd, HSBC, Lyods’ Register and Sulzer to name a few in the corporate space. As a part of employee engagement program she has facilitated workshops on “Emotional Intelligence for parents of young kids”. 

She has a Master’s in Occupational Psychology and Human Resource Management from Leeds University Business School, UK and Bachelors in Psychology from Pune University. She is a certified Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Gestalt Therapy Practitioner. She is also certified in Instructional Designing and Facilitation skills. She is on a journey to start her own venture to fulfill her purpose. 

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

You came to my life when I was least expecting it. I knew I needed to figure out where I was in life and where I was heading and that’s when you happened to me. And I know that I am on a new path now. You supported me in my journey of self-awareness; you held my hand as I stumbled across various hurdles. You kept me on my toes when I threatened to become lax. You brought alive my purpose in life. I want to say thank you and that I am grateful, for you to make me a better person than I was before. I must confess I am still learning the dance with you, I am still learning how to nurture you and be there for you. But know this, I am committed to give my best to you. There may be times when we don’t see eye to eye, or maybe times when I get in my ego state and forget to be my best version. Know that I have the intent to give my best and I will always bounce back. I have taken complete ownership of you, you are now my baby. And I will never do anything that harms you. That is my promise to you. I look forward to spending long days with you and I am excited to see you grow old.