Alokesh Sharma

Alokesh Sharma

I want to support people fulfil their potential and thereby live a happy life.

Alokesh Sharma is a development professional with ten odd years of experience in national and international organizations with keen interest and experience in capacity building, program design and management. He travels to the remote rural villages of the country and marginalized communities and works on quality education and improving livelihood and health options. He aspires to co-create autonomous and self-sustainable communities. His idea is to co-establish organisations that will be owned and led by locals by which they will be able to support quality education and provide better life opportunities for the community members.

Alokesh is a graduate in English Literature and a post-graduate in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism. He was a Teach for India Fellow, after which he worked with the state education boards of Gujarat, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh on student evaluation and teacher training. He then worked in Uganda to support teachers from government schools to improve children’s learning. He has designed and managed operations and programs reaching out to 2,40,458 students and 6,614 community members and youth in the period of 2012-2018. He was able to reach out to 5,131 teachers through capacity building sessions and engagement programs.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MILP,

You were the light that I needed in my darkness…For finding meaning when probably I was not making sense and listening to the unsaid. For picking me up and helping me find the potential lying within. For not giving up on me and letting my being become free. For helping me break my fear and become aware of myself. For making me feel valued and made me realised that it is ok to be vulnerable. You made me believe that I am better than I was and that I will be better than I am. Thank you for making me…me…


Alokesh Sharma