Shashi Velath

My purpose in life is to inspire leadership in people and bring them together to create a world that is joyous, fair and in harmony with nature.

Shashi Velath is a human striving to connect meaningfully with his being. He sees himself as one of the best fathers in the world. His archetype is ‘love, light, thunder’. He is learning to observe his breath and watch what he is consuming. He is at peace with the complexities that life throws up. He is passionate about supporting and serving the purpose of those who want to make a change. He is a writer and nurtures a gentle ambition of setting free all the stories that are locked in his memories. 

He has had the privilege of living a large chunk of his life traveling across India and Asia, reporting from ground zero – war and conflict zones, disaster scarred landscapes, messy crime scenes, tracking mafia gangs and criminal syndicates, exposing corruption and chasing stories across a myriad landscape that needed to be told to defend the public interest. 

He leveraged the education his lived experiences gifted him to steer and lead global non-profits. His understanding of ground realities, human behavior, and decision-making processes support his ability to map and design Systems Change initiatives. He is a writer, strategist, social impact facilitator, coach for changemakers, and an entrepreneur. He is currently the Executive Trustee of Bridge Institute and in this role, he fosters SDG17 multi-sector collaborations. 

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