Sarika Panchhi

Sarika Panchhi

My purpose in life is to help people take that leap of faith, be fearless and take the chances they otherwise won’t. Help them in living their lives to the fullest.

An MBA from NMIMS and an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Sarika has 24 years of work experience across various industries and functions. This helped her understand people, emotions and relationships. An ardent believer of psychology in everything she does, Sarika has always believed that change is possible as far as people are coached right.

Co-founder and CEO of Word of Mouth Media and founder of JiViSa (A lifestyle brand) , after working for two decades she realised that her deepest satisfaction came from people, conversations and her ability to help people shake out of their comfort zones. She started her book review campaign called ‘Cover to Cover’ with the intention to spread the wisdom of books through talks. Her new found purpose of helping people push their boundaries, helped her take the plunge into the world of coaching space. She now manages her time between her companies, her book reviews and coaching. In her words, while her other work brings her the bread and butter needed, coaching is for her soul. 

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MILP,

You came into my life from nowhere and suddenly became an integral part of me.

You helped unburden and become free, I feel light in my feet now.

You held my hand and helped me look inside, without any fear or judgement.

You made me realise how beautiful this world is, and more importantly how beautiful the people around me are.

You made me re-invent the most important relationships in my life.

You helped me break the layers of conditioning I have been carrying all these years.

You helped me become aware.

You helped me become sensitive.

You helped me become me again.

Thank you, for igniting my life again, and for providing me the opportunity to
now touch so many lives.