Sara A Kachwalla

The purpose of my life is to ignite the magic of love in the hearts of people and inspire them to love themselves fully, building the foundation for a loving compassionate world.

Sara is a Life Coach and a Behavioral Trainer. She likes to see herself as an explorer of the inner world and enjoys facilitating the creation of possibilities to discover the inner power.Sara has a natural ease with which she connects and is committed to support others in their learning journey to be their very best version.  

Sara has over 14 years of experience in the Learning & Development of Individuals, Teams and Organisations facilitating skill and behaviour based workshops. She has worked across a range of Industries, including Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, IT, and the service Industry.

Sara is passionate about supporting individuals to connect to their core essence through exploration, self-awareness, and the creation of possibilities; that impact the relationship they have with themselves and others.

Thought Journal

My Pledge

Dear MIL,

You came to me at such an opportune time. Thank you. I am grateful to you for the time you gave me. You brought a space that was beautiful and wonderful. I felt the soft caress of love, the hard-hit of a hammer, the nail-biting moments, the kindness of being supported, the power of sharing, the warmth of a mother, the excitement of something new emerging, the energy of action, the gentle cleansing of my past slate, the generation of what is my purpose, the creativity to explore new ways of being, the lens that now sees differently. I am now enriched because of you. I celebrate being whole, perfect, and complete. I love the way you have been presented to me by two wonderful divine beings. I am forever grateful to have been connected to Manisha and Sunil and have them a part of my life.I have also been touched by my co fellows who have journeyed with me. I will remember their laughter, tears, joy, pain. They shone brightly and my deepest wish and dream is to see you fully shine, blossom, and expand your brilliance and be unstoppable. I am blessed to be part of you and your journey forward that is ‘Lighting a magnificent path for millions.

Warmly yours,

Sara the Sorcerer