Nidhi Mehta

Nidhi Mehta

The purpose of my life is to empower others to discover their true calling and follow their purpose to live the highest expression of themselves.

Nidhi Banthia Mehta comes with an entrepreneurial experience of 18 years and two years of work experience with McKinsey & Co. Nidhi quit her job in 2002 to follow her passion for dance fitness and incorporated BollyBeatz in USA and sold it in 2005. She re-established BollyBeatz in Asia ( to incorporate health and wellness and increase the happiness quotient. Nidhi received the distinguished Women’s Economic Forum Award of “Iconic women creating a better world for All” for her contribution in the field of “Corporate wellness and well-being: Transforming Leadership”.

In 2012, she started an e-commerce baby & kids brand, ‘NeedyBee’. She sold two companies and is now a Business and Management consultant for women-led startups and a speaker on Entrepreneurship for students and women and speaks and guides on “Converting a passion into a viable business”. Nidhi is passionate about empowering women to find their true calling, discovering their ikigai and use that as a tool to embark on enlightened entrepreneurship.

Currently, she is engaged as a Business consultant with UNWomen, Atal Incubation Center and StartUp Oasis. In her free time, Nidhi writes a blog ( to feature the entrepreneurial journeys of women who are mothers and how they have managed to create a work-personal life balance. She is a published author, loves cooking (her book Soulful Dining), Yoga, Spirituality and spending quality time with her family and friends.

An MBA Graduate from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research and an LSR Graduate in B.Com Hons, Nidhi has a certificate in Entrepreneurship from ISB Hyderabad and HarvardX.

My Pledge

Dearest MIL,

You are a gift bestowed on me and others by the universe to live our life with purpose, integrity and joy each day Last 45 years, I have lived a very full life as an individual and in all my roles. However, something was amiss. I looked for completeness – so I jumped out of a plane to experience a rush, went under the ocean bed, enrolled in several spiritual and self improvement programmes – but something still was amiss.

When I received you in my life, that missing link clicked. I became more aware of myself and my surroundings. I started to accept and acknowledge what I feared. You taught me to be authentic and fearless and to do things because I want to and not because I have to – and thus make everything in my life my own choice. To let life be and live it fully without constantly analyzing and overthinking.

You’ve taught me to go and look beyond myself and my own needs and desires and reach out and help others find their purpose in life and live an abundant and content life. You’ve made my life complete in many ways and I am so grateful for that gift.

Now I hold you close to my heart and will share your gift with the world to spread joy, completeness and wholeness to all.

You will be the guiding light to me and many others who want to embrace abundance and are ready for you!

Nidhi Mehta