Dancing With The Gods – Complete Programme

USD $3,600.00

We have all experienced the power of our True Self, our Being, the divinity within, at different moments in our lives. When we come from our true Being, beyond our ego & personality and connect to another’s Being, magic happens. As Coaches, you may have been touched by this during your coaching. If you haven’t yet, then this programme will surely provide you access to that fountain of incredible power within.

The Dancing with the Gods programme is all about grandly welcoming your true Being, and creating a friendship with it so powerful, that it will be here to stay forever. Not to mention, that it will give you the power to connect and bring forth the Being of another and play from this space.


Promise Form

Promises & Agreements

Your ‘Dancing with the Gods’ journey is about to start, with the Signature workshop. In preparation, we thought it is important to share with you, what you can expect from the overall programme and what we need from you. Simply put, a ‘promise’, and an agreement. 

The second part of your Dancing with the Gods journey is the Mastery workshop. You will put into action much of the paradigms that you imbibed in the Foundation workshop, and learn many new powerful paradigms, new ways to “do” from all that you learnt to “be”. You will also acquire new capabilities of leadership of a high order, to be unstoppable in your journey.

The third aspect of the journey are Evolve & Grow sessions, once a month, which will be a deep dive into specific areas of transformative growth, designed to move from a stage of inquiry into actuality.


To enable you to see yourself, free from self-limiting beliefs, creating and delivering your dreams and ambition, anchored by your purpose whilst expanding your coaching capabilities to a new level of mastery. This is the promise of the Dancing with the Gods programme. 

We promise you that you will know who you are clearly, you will discover your Life Purpose, and you will be able to see life through a powerful lens and enable others who you coach to do the same.

We promise you that you will be equipped with a number of paradigm shifting capabilities and tools that will enable you to coach at a far richer level.  On completion of the Mastery workshop, you will learn a new coaching model, designed to produce high impact and transformative outcomes.

The experiential methodology used in the programme will enable you to honestly examine your existing limitations – be it about your goals, assumptions and capabilities. The recognition of your limitations will allow you to step beyond them and act on opportunities which you may have never considered before. This will help you achieve the quintessence of a balance that can make your life an expression of sheer joy.

To get there, you may go through some unsettling moments during the programme, especially as you explore your beliefs in an open environment with your fellow participants. You may also find yourself stretched – intellectually, physically and emotionally. You will be challenged frequently to go beyond your current thinking.  As Einstein pointed out, “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”. 

This ki nd of “push” is intentional as the programme is designed to shift your values, beliefs, feelings and thinking with the sole intent of generating new possibilities. 

We need you to be both physically and emotionally present for the entire duration of each workshop.  Please do ensure that areas that need your urgent attention, both at work and at home, are managed prior to the commencement of the workshop. Everything else can wait till after the completion of the workshop. 

This programme requires you to go inwards and understand what is happening within and hence we have created an environment of ‘Silence’ at different points during the workshop sessions.  During the workshops, there will be many discussions with the leaders & other participants. You may also have assignments, when you will use your phone. Aside of this, however, you will be required to be in a space of silence, to make the most of the programme. Contemplation will occur best during these states of pure silence.  


I confirm my participation in this journey and promise to voluntarily bring my ‘whole self’ – my dreams, emotions, challenges and aspirations to the program.

I promise to be “coachable”, provided that my well-being, dignity are not at stake.  I will not let my ego come in the way of my learning, and when prompted by the MI Program Leaders, will permit them to coach me, and lead me to look within to find my answers.


I understand and agree that the fees that I am paying are non-refundable in the event that I do not keep the above promise and complete the programme. I recognise that the programme is a holistic one, and requires completion fully to ascertain its full value and efficacity. In the event that I do not complete the programme, I concur that I have no right to expect a refund either in full or in part. The fees I pay, and the time of my registration and my involvement throughout the programme are what I am putting at stake here. 

On the other hand, on completion of all the days, and all the assignments, in the event that I feel that I do not get value (and I do not need to share why), I will be refunded the full amount less actual costs.

  I promise:

  1. To not take any stimulant in the form of any drug or alcohol during the days of the workshop;  
  2. To be present physically and emotionally as well as to be on time each day of the program workshops;
  3. To complete all the assignments, recognising that these are key to the design of the workshops; 
  4. To maintain a space of silence in between sessions, across the workshops;
  5. To refrain myself from using any mobile phone during the sessions or any other purpose, aside from completing the assignments and occasionally speaking to my family. 

I agree: 

  1. The Intellectual property of the programme/s belongs to Impossible Transformations LLP (ITL) and I will not copy, reproduce, record anything without the written, specific permission by ITL; 
  2. The laws of the land prevail over all that we do, and I understand that in the event that a confession to a crime unpunished by the legal system or an intention to commit a crime is rendered, the facilitator is required by law to report them to the authorities; 
  3. To set aside at least 2 hours every day to complete these assignments. I also recognise that some more time for reflection and contemplation is very much desirable. this is an intense programme and realise that there will be assignments which are part of the programme design and are critical to my transformation;
  4. To ensure that the core of my work at my job/business/home life is looked after during my absence while I attend the workshop sessions, and I will not perform any work/business activities in any form during the programme sessions in order to be fully present;  
  5. To take care to have backup plans created for exigencies at work and at home in order to ensure continuity and focus;  
  6. To set up a private, physical space to work in where the online sessions cannot not be overheard and where I will not be disturbed;
  7. The organisers and facilitators of this program are not accountable for my well-being. I alone am accountable for my well-being. 
  8. To the Policies and Terms and Conditions on the Impossible Transformations LLP website, as updated from time to time.

I affirm that I am of sound mind, that I am not under any therapy, that I acknowledge that this programme is not a substitute for therapy.

I also affirm that I have read and understood all that I am promising and agreeing to in the preceding paragraphs.     

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